Software for Arduino Programming- Best Arduino Software for Text and Block-Based Coding

What are some of the best software for Arduino programming? The internet is awash with Arduino-compatible software. But what are the main must-haves that simplify your coding and robotic development experience?  We’ll explore it all …

Soldering an Arduino Nano Board.

What are some of the best software for Arduino programming?

The internet is awash with Arduino-compatible software.

But what are the main must-haves that simplify your coding and robotic development experience? 

We’ll explore it all in this article, plus other critical info on Arduino programming. So without further ado, let us get started. 

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What Is An Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?

An IDE is a platform on which you build a program for microcontrollers, such as an Arduino Board.

It comes with various programming languages and building frameworks to facilitate development.

Thus, it is a convenient feature that also comes loaded with functionalities such as the following: 

  • Code Editor
  • Debugger
  • Compiler. 

So what are some of the examples of IDEs? Arduino PLC IDE is one of the most popular of them, but there are others like:

Each IDE is unique regarding its functionalities and specific applications. Today our interest lies in the Arduino PLC IDE. 

Arduino IDE

IDE - Integrated Development Environment. 

IDE – Integrated Development Environment. 

As mentioned earlier, Arduino’s main programming environment is this IDE.

But one of the most pertinent questions for Arduino Mega users is what language architecture the IDE operates on. 

Any program you feed on the Arduino IDE text editor is a sketch. The system saves this information as a .ino extension file.

Further, the Arduino Uno IDE can identify syntax errors in the code and inform you about it on the text editor. 

Notably, the language is inconsequential here as for Arduino join; you only require to understand its main two setup functions, as we’ll outline below. 

Coding Alternatives for Arduino IDE

Programming code abstract screen of a software developer.

Programming code abstract screen of a software developer.

Text-based coding

Arduino LLC allows you to add a code to its hardware via the conventional text-feeding method.

Nonetheless, it would be best to correct the code logic successfully code run. An executable code shouldn’t have errors and typos. 

Block-based coding

It’s the most viable method to program an Arduino board, especially if you don’t understand the code logic clearly.

Primarily, this is because it involves the drag-and-drop of code blocks. 

It enables programmers to introduce basic functions to a breadboard circuit without manually texting code. 

Alternative IDE for Arduino

Earlier, we listed some of Arduino’s alternative IDEs, such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Nonetheless, other like-for-like alternatives exist for coders who’d like a similar experience to the Arduino IDE. 

Arduino Web Editor

A Young Male Programmer. 

It is also an IDE by Arduino cc, which makes the Arduino Uno Board. The Arduino Web Editor is specifically helpful for storing code sketches.

Therefore, it saves you the hassle of storing your code offline. 

It is also straightforward to use the Arduino web editor.

You create an account, and you can start using the program. Here are the steps for setting it up. 

  1. First, log in and choose your operating system on the application front end. It is a cross-platform application. Thus, it doesn’t matter which OS you run it on.
  2. Next, it’ll prompt you to set up the agent, which is straightforward. All you need is to follow the prompt. 
  3. You may also encounter an error message while installing the agent. Nonetheless, this is simply an indicator of a void setup, and you can correct the issue first by uninstalling the agent. 
  4. Next, check your firewall settings to activate the agent and try the installation process again. It will give you a completion message once you’ve finalized the installation. 

Once installed, you can try a simple blink program to check if everything is okay.

During this process, ensure you have connected the Arduino Uno to your computer. 

The Android Web Editor will identify if there’s a syntax error in your code, and if everything is okay, it’ll save the sketch.

Also, you can set up a dark theme depending on your preferences. It is one of the unique functionalities of the Arduino Web Editor. 

Makeblock | block

A Young Developer Making an Arduino-based robot. 

A Young Developer Making an Arduino-based robot. 

This is the ultimate alternative to the Arduino LLC IDE, especially if you want a block-based coding program.

It saves you the hassle of cramming complicated commands and associated issues such as syntax errors. 

It’s also an easy-to-use platform, compatible with Arduino software. Hence, once you’re off to use it, choose Arduino UNO.

Next, drag and drop your code blocks. Next, if you’re using make block for analytical purposes, you can test the code using an Arduino board. 

Nonetheless, you’ll note that make block will not communicate with the board unless you have the mLink driver.

Download it and install it. Once fully installed, choose the serial port where you’ve installed your Arduino board and upload the code. 

Visuino for Arduino

A Programmer Woman Coding On a Computer.

A Programmer Woman Coding On a Computer.

This development software applies block-based coding to create a program for your Arduino.

Visuino is best suited for developers without the coding basics.

Its contribution policy means you can take an existing code block and run it.

Therefore, the software is best for developers with numerous Arduino projects who don’t have sufficient time to create code from scratch. 

Also, it gives you elaborate visuals of the code for your Arduino project.

You can therefore see the entire code at a glance, and all you need is to drag and drop your preferred block.  

ArduBlock for Arduino

Arduino and programmers with peripherals and expansion boards. 

Arduino and programmers with peripherals and expansion boards. 

This one is not an alternative to the Arduino Main IDE. 

Rather, this excellent tool is an add-on service that can significantly assist you in your Arduino project.

Hence, you have first to install the Arduino main IDE to use it. 

Next, download the ArduBlock code files from its website. It could be a zip file, so you need to have the unzipping software.

Once you’re done with the installation process, restart Arduino on your computer. 

Now you can use it to upload block code files to your Arduino.

Ardublock is a great way to supplement your Arduino IDE, ensuring you create an executable code block fast. 

Minibloq for Arduino

A hand-made robot working on the Arduino platform

A hand-made robot working on the Arduino platform

Lastly, we have Minibloq for Arduino, another viable software for programming that enables you to execute basic functions via block coding seamlessly.

The visual programming environment Minibloq creates is excellent as the developer has immensely invested in graphics.

Therefore, it enables you to pick up a code block from its loader program, upload it to Arduino and execute it. 

Here’s a snapshot of its setup process. 

First, check out the latest Minibloq loader program from the official Minibloq website. Next, select the Arduino-compatible board you intend to use.

Its compatible Arduino boards include the following: 

  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Redboard 
  • Redboard Kit
  • Arduino Uno

Also noteworthy, Minibloq is an excellent tool, but it will only work on Windows.

Hence if you’re on another OS, you need a windows desktop unless this changes in the future.

Next, try running some executive programs to learn how to build code with Minibloq.

A simple blink program will do for a start; if successful, you can try out others. 


There are many Arduino programming software like those we’ve highlighted above. 

For a seamless experience, choose an Arduino software editor with features such as block coding.

But even those with basic features such as text-based programming will do, especially if you are okay with writing long-form code texts. 

Hopefully, you now have the ultimate connections for programming on Arduino. For more, reach out to us anytime.